Welcome to the Institute of Timber Frame Builders


"The Seal of Controlled Quality"

The Institute of Timber Frame Builders promotes and maintains acceptable Standards with regard to all Aspects and Disciplines of Timber Construction and to ensure protection of consumer interests. ITFB members are very proud of their unblemished construction track record, a track record that dates back from the late 70's


                                                            Benefits of belonging to the ITFB:


Your Business………..

Will belong to an organisation that sets and maintains the standards in timber frame building.

Has access to an unbiased mediation service

Will have a reputation for adhering to strict construction standards and proper business ethics.

 Will share in an increasing and invaluable pool of technical knowledge

 Will belong to an organisation that educates councils, architects and engineers on the Standards with respect to timber construction.

Will belong to an organisation that is continually creating public awareness about timber frame, and increasing its acceptability through workshops and marketing campaigns

The ITFB is a founding member of The Wood Foundation and thus works closely with a number of other leading industry organisations to promote the use of timber in construction and other applications.

Other benefits include the ITFB’s annual prestigious building awards.

Will be listed on the ITFB’s website.


Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the ITFB is to Promote and Maintain acceptable standards with regard to all aspects and disciplines of Timber Construction and to ensure protection of consumer interests.


Code of Ethics

Abide by the Constitution of the Institute of Timber frame Builders

Promote fair competition amongst members of the institute

Ensure design and construction is within the relevant National Building Regulations, SANS code of Practice(SANS 10082)approved plans and specifications

Uphold a standard acceptable to the Institute and to report deviations to the Executive Board

Accept the Executive Boards right to appoint a sub-committee to investigate any deviations and abide by the decision taken by this board.